Eco-podere, un obiettivo realizzato

The existing building comes back to life, recovered according to the principles of eco-sustainability, commitment to the environment and transparency have guided our intervention …

How we produce clean energy

We have created a combined solar photovoltaic and solar thermal system that provide heating and cooling and hot water respectively.
The two systems are flanked by a pellet boiler for any peaks in energy demand and a comfortable temperature is ensured for guests in each room by a home automation control installed …

How we save resources

The insulation of the walls and the windows with very low heat loss make the building with low energy needs and pleasant to live in at any time of the year.
The insulation also ensures excellent acoustic insulation towards the outside and towards other guests.
For us, too, water is a resource that deserves attention: the toilets use well water, the taps are equipped with a flow meter and the washing of linen is adjusted to the customer’s requests.

How we build respecting place and nature

We used natural and local building materials to respect the local culture and to shorten the supply chain by reducing the incidence of transport.
Our attention to resources is also reflected in the use of recycled papers approved by the WWF to print brochures and information leaflets.


Photovoltaic system, environmentally friendly materials, home automation temperature control, solar energy system, solar thermal system, natural paints …